We help you to manage the parking areas by providing multiple functions that make it easier. Thanks to our evolutionary algorithm we are able to provide dynamic pricing based on your historical data. Our solution helps to create targeted reports and increase your revenues and could be easily integrated with different sales channels.


Dynamic pricing

The yield management platform is the first solution on the market that uses a Machine learning approach to estimate the right fee to your customers. Thanks to its artificial intelligence, you can improve day by day the rates for your parkings and increase your revenues to find the perfect fit between demand and offer.


Catchy interface

The yield management platform has been developed with the aim to make the parking areas management within airports as easier as possible through the use of an attractive and easy to use graphic layout that allows you to optimize the organization of your operations.


Intuitive statistics

This platform provides you some simple and clear graphics with all the information and the data you need. It enables you to understand the day-to-day availability of the parking lots as well as which are the resellers that have major sales.


Efficient integration

This service gives you the possibility to provide additional and complementary services to the channels linked to the sale of the airports’ parking slot. This allows to create an integrated network among the different third party e-commerce solution (SAP Hybris, Magento, etc) via APIs.



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