Piksel Group's Certified Microsoft Azure and WVD cloud consultants have extensive experience and proven success in deploying, optimizing, and securing virtual desktop infrastructure on Azure. Our deep expertise as a WVD partner has been endorsed by Microsoft with the award of the Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop Advanced Specialization.

Ensure remote readiness

Your GPs, nurses, and other healthcare professionals need the right tools and support to deliver their critical services. This includes when they're working remotely.

Unfortunately, it's difficult to buy, deploy and secure physical devices and desktops.

This is where Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD), delivered by Piksel Group, provides a crucial advantage.

WVD allows your healthcare organisation to:

  • Provide full, remote access to essential clinical applications.
  • Leverage N365 licensing.
  • Provision dedicated new user desktops within minutes.
  • Increase efficiency by allowing healthcare professionals to use their personal devices.
  • Keep critical PHI data secure with identity and access management, as well as existing security policies.
  • Create bespoke desktop 'images' that you can keep control of.
  • Scale rapidly and easily to your unique needs.

Harness healthcare-specific technologies

We understand your specific requirements and the technology that can help your healthcare service perform better.

Piksel Group has a wealth of experience within the healthcare sector.

In particular, we implement services such as:

  • Virtual smartcards. These authenticate users on their end devices. This allows them to sign in to the applications and systems they need to do their best work.
  • Remote access to HSCN. This ensures healthcare professionals can assess vital HSCN services from anywhere, on any device.
  • Cloud connect (to HSCN). We can provide fully compliant connectivity between your cloud environment and HSCN.


Piksel Group: Your knowledgeable partner

At Piksel Group, we understand the intricacies of the healthcare sector. That's why we don't just lift-and-shift your infrastructure. We work alongside your healthcare organisation on an ongoing basis. The result? A WVD environment that truly works for you.

We provide the technology, technical support and consultancy. All the while, your teams have complete control over your virtual machines and the integrity of your clinical data.

It's a team effort, and one that's had considerable success with previous healthcare clients.

WVD success for NCL CCG

Piksel Group helped NCL CCG deploy a successful WVD environment in March 2020. Despite the challenges of the pandemic and the need to adopt remote working quickly, we set up the environment within a short timeframe.

Here's what NCL had to say:

'I felt that there was a real sense of comradery working together on this project. Within two weeks of having our initial exploratory conversation, we had a scalable WVD environment that was leveraging multi-factor authentication and conditional access. This provided our health and care professionals with a device-agnostic safe and secure platform. In turn, enabling users to access core clinical systems and applications on-demand without any barriers.' - Mehmet Erhan, NLP Technical Lead for Digital

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