We offer voice-based services that meet the specific needs of travel terminal operators – from the seamless combination of high-volume data streams to the development of voice interfaces that can quickly and easily interpret complex alphanumeric information like flight numbers.


Recognition of complex voice input

Our in-depth development expertise means that we are ideally placed to take data from multiple ingest points and re-apply it across a wide range of systems and platforms.


Better customer service

Voice-based software and services for the provision of relevant and timely information about factors impacting customer connections is better, faster and more engaging.


Flexibility first

Our solution includes the design, development, improvement and testing of voice smart assistants. Each smart assistant can be easily integrated with your AODB or third party APIs.


Easy integration

This new customer touchpoint can be easily integrated with a vast range of back-end systems and other services.



Voice interface development

Download your flyer here. Discover the features and key benefits of Voice interface development: flexibility, easy integration and recognition of complex voice input.

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