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Digital Transformation Consultancy

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Cloud Optimisation

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Application Support

Based across Europe, our expert teams can support your varied needs

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Managed Services

on cloud or on premise 24/7 service and support

Customers at the centre of our strategy

The Voyage Team has been helping organisations around the world to optimise the value of technology for more than a decade. Many of Europe’s leading names in the transport sector trust us to design, build and manage the solutions they depend on.

The Voyage Team focuses specifically on how advanced technologies can be used to solve the problems they face, and help deliver their vision.

By combining quality and efficiency, we are able to add value to our customers’ requirements and to create tailored solutions to fit their needs.

Our mission is driving up passenger footfall, revenues and loyalty through integrated customer-centric digital solutions.



Driving your digital transformation with a complete suite of services

  • Technical Consultancy: Our experience, our insight and our strategic guidance help customers to implement highly compelling systems and platforms.
  • Managed Services: Our experience spans a variety of areas, from e-commerce, websites, artificial intelligence and data management. 
  • System Integration: Our solutions allow the implementation of and transition to new products and solutions without suffering from any loss in service quality or availability.
  • Research  & Development: Our continuous investment in R&D help us to keep up with the most up to date digital innovations and to adapt to the newest technological trends.

Mobile Development and White-Label apps

Our teams have great experience in the development of modern and innovative Mobile Apps to assure an improved user-experience which provides all the information and the services that customers might need.
Thanks to a complex middleware system our Mobile Apps integrate with Third Parties, giving the users an improved experience that will increase engagement while providing valuable users’ insights and information.
We provide cutting-edge functionality for your mobile app including engagement with IoT and the use of beacons and sensors for retrieving and sending data to Machine Learning and Big Data platforms.
We can also provide modern Virtual Reality Apps, ready to be branded for a quick and easy release and which include all the basic characteristics you may need, like 360° tours and videos. 

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Websites and E-commerce solutions

We have long-lasting experience in the development of disruptive and engaging websites to easily reach audiences and re-inforce core messages on the Web.
We are specialists in the development and maintenance of websites using a multitude of CMS platforms & technologies including Java (Liferay, OpenText), PHP (Wordpress) and .Net (Episerver).
We can also create customized solutions from scratch using our Web Content Management System product called Piksel VCMS2.

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Modern Flight Information Display System

Our Digital Signage solution delivers not only journey support for passengers, but also a marketing and communication channel for news and advertising.
iFIDS has been developed to meet modern airport demands. This new flexible FIDS (Flight Information Display System) solution allows presentation of flight information alongside other content like advertising, videos, social media, newsfeeds or relevant crisis/airport information.
Our innovative solution has been built to reduce communication costs and to make the journey experience inside the airport more effective by eliminating time-wasting and errors since all the required information are displayed in the right place and at the right moment.

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A variety of solutions for your business

The wide variety of products we offer reflects the passion, the hard work and the digital expertise that characterize us and that make us competitive in the market. We have a set of solutions to transform and enhance your passenger’s journeys.

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