Keep the customer at the heart of your digital strategy


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Omni-channel customer journey

We create a personalized and contextually accurate customer journeys, while our service design and UX experts work to attract and retain customers.

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Digital content strategy

Content is a crucial part of the user experience. Our editors provide a unified cross-business strategy that evolves alongside channel, design and UX changes.

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Customer value management

We can help you deliver amazing customer experiences. Helping you manage large operations and react to unexpected events and crises with confidence.

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Technology consulting

We help you embrace emerging technologies while making the most of your legacy equipment. This reduces risk, lowers TCO and helps you achieve business goals.


The Digital Sense Team

The Digital Sense department focuses on the Customer satisfaction on the telco industry, supporting businesses in improving the customer journey through content strategy and technology consulting activities.

As the worldwide telco industry has been evolving faster and faster, we aim at upgrading your IT structure and your Customer Care system to make it always more connected to your final customers’ needs.

The Digital Experience Layer

The Digital Experience Layer (DEL) allows you to design and implement a pure digital business on top of your legacy platforms. It secures the investment made on legacy platforms, using a rapidly deployable and cost effective pure digital offering.

Designed with a microservice architecture, the DEL acts as a decoupling layer that connects all your legacy platforms with a full set of services to digital and physical channels.

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Multichannel Content Management System

Our VCMS2 Platform is an enterprise content and workflow management system that enables you to design, implement and deliver world class digital channels, including compelling responsive web sites and native mobile apps.

Its ability to support personalized interactions means that you can present real-time and cost effective contextual information to all your customers, adapting the appearance of all channels according to your needs without additional costs.

Its full set of features enables integration with external systems, allowing you to build a digital ecosystem fully integrated with your IT systems.

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Self-Service Platform

The Self-Service Platform is a complete solution that allows your customers to control their current service usage, review financial documents, and manage their services without the help of a call center agent.

Powered by a flexible CMS, the platform enables you to deliver all the functionality your customers might need and comes with a full featured responsive web site, as well as Android and iOS native apps.

Available both for B2C and B2B market segments the Self-Service Platform presents the customer with personalized offers to increase upsell, remind them of upcoming service renewals or assist with troubleshooting – all online.

The Self-Service Platform has been proven to decrease the amount of call centre calls made by customers, reduce service costs and improve revenue opportunities.

Revenue Assurance and Billing Quality

Thanks to the development of specialized methodologies, best practices and a powerful toolkit, The Digital Sense Team is the best partner to manage your customers during their entire lifecycle.

Our CB Toolkit enables you to deliver functionality at both an individual and demographic level with peerless performance and efficiency.

Onboarding, tariff plan changes, option activations, and bill corrections are just a few of the operations you can perform with ease with our systems, providing value to your customers and delivering important advantages to your time to market strategy.

UX & UI Design

The Digital Sense Team offers end to end user experience and design capabilities that help customers imagine, design and implement extraordinary omnichannel user experience that link services and consumers.

Inspiration (be inspired by the customer and trends), Ideation (defining new ideas and behavior), Prototyping (applying new ideas to the service) and Evolution (be responsible for the e2e project) are the pillars on which the UX and UI design group co operate with customers, developers and consumers to reach extraordinary results.

Digital Content Development

Our services include planning, creation and management of compelling targeted content to interact with your audience across different digital channels.

Your team will be driven by copy, SEO, SEM and market experts that will collaborate with your digital marketing department and with the UX/UI department to publish the most relevant content for consumers.

Application Development & Support

With over ten years’ experience in the telco industry we support customers by taking care of their IT platform, whether it is custom developed or based on third-party technologies.

We ensure efficient system operation, a constant and always on support to the business and most importantly a continuous improvement in application modernization.

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Cloud Migration & Optimisation

The future of data management lies in the cloud. We have extensive experience helping our clients manage cloud architecture, migration and optimization.

Public cloud and private cloud, on premise and hybrid solutions: our accelerators reduce time to launch and ensure a smooth transition, whatever the architecture.