SEA Aeroporti di Milano manages the Malpensa and Linate airports in Milan. It represents the second largest airport group in Italy with 29 million of passengers in 2016, and with near 550,000 tons of goods passing through its cargo terminals last year it confirmed its place as the leader for cargo aviation in Italy.

The Challenge

SEA Aeroporti di Milano began working with The Voyage Team in 2010, choosing our partner company, Piksel’s Video Content Management System (VCMS) to organise and deliver their websites, with the Voyage Team providing ongoing application support in addition to initial development and deployment.

Following this, in November 2014, The Voyage Team won the Online Strategy Application Management Services tender. This opened up the opportunity to work with all parts of SEA’s IT services, from the development of their new official app to the creation of the airport’s first document management software for the cargo aviation department.

The Solution

As mentioned above, The Voyage Team initially worked on the restyling of Milan Linate and Milan Malpensa websites, using a combination of Oracle Weblogic Portal™ and Piksel’s VCMS. VCMS is used by SEA’s editorial staff to manage and publish all parts of their websites, working on the basis that an editor can customise all pages and content using only that system. VCMS can also modify navigation and menus, as well as the pages that can be attached to each node of the menu.

Since then The Voyage Team has provided a range of applications and services to SEA over the course of the relationship, from their primary institutional web portals, through to e-commerce and infrastructure management.

The new Milan Airports app is a hybrid mobile app, developed using the Microsoft Xamarin™ framework. The app is also driven by VCMS, enabling management of navigation and content, and implements a special “Mosaic” concept, which enables editorial staff to send personalized push notifications to the users.

The app interacts with the SEA middleware (MW), a rest web service that handles data retrieval. This is integrated with the flight information service and sends push notifications anytime a flight changes its status if the end-user has activated the flight tracking feature. The MW retrieves some of its data from the main database and the rest from VCMS, which is fully integrated within the SEA network using an rpc-xml based protocol.

The app is also integrated with a chat system, a node.js web based application that gives real time help to Customers. As a result, the SEA Customer Care Team are able to provide direct customer support using the chat system.

Another solution that The Voyage Team implemented and improved for SEA is the e-commerce platform, which consists of B2C and B2B e-shops, the Parking Booking Engine (PBE) and the back office.

The e-shop websites retrieve data from VCMS, invoking the PBE soap web service to provide real time parking information alongside storefront UIs. At the completion of the transaction, the user’s order is imported into the back office database.

The PBE itself consists of a web based manager that is used by SEA’s editorial staff to create and manage all the products in the e-shop catalogue such as parking, fast track, VIP lounge and more.

Malpensa Smart City Cargo is a fully integrated web application that is used by the cargo operators of Malpensa airport to manage the documentation behind each shipment. This system consists of 3 interfaces: a soap web service, a ftp layer and a web app.

The crisis simulation web app integrates with Facebook and Twitter apis, and is able to simulate a crisis that could affect the airport whether this be adverse weather conditions, fuel spillage or actual air traffic incidents. The web app, once correctly configured and connected to different social network accounts, can help the company to test the effectiveness, speed and scalability of their response to events, and to improve communications and interactions with customers, the media, and critical airport business functions.

SEA is also supported by one of The Voyage Team’s support teams, which works out of their offices at Linate airport, providing fully staffed application support that delivers rapid responses to any technical challenges that our services may face.

The core skills The Voyage Team provides cover Oracle WebLogic Portal™, Spring, Struts 2, Hibernate, Microsoft Xamarin™, Piksel VCMS, J2EE and UI development.


Over the last several years, The Voyage Team has worked closely with SEA’s IT and e-channel departments to improve customer experiences across their platforms by utilizing new technologies, and providing technical consultancy.

For projects like the official app and the website restyling, The Voyage Team has introduced a light version of the Agile methodology to delivery and to ensure that SEA could meet its strategic goals.

In the last five years, revenues from parking have increased by more than 30%, overtaking the general growth of non-aeronautical revenues (+17%). In particular revenue related to parking booking coming from the e-commerce channel (web & app) saw an aggregate raise of 11.3% in the 12 months from July 2015 through to June 2016.

We are delighted to work with The Voyage Team on all our digital initiatives having experienced how passionate and skilled they are in both the technical and functional aspects of our solutions. The consistent and caring support provided in managing our applications allows us to sleep soundly at night.

Arrigo Santini, Head of Digital

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