We deliver an improved transport hub experience to your passengers with our Mobile App which surfaces all the information they might need. It also integrates with your retail, food & beverage and travel partners giving the passenger an improved experience that will increase engagement while also providing you with valuable passenger insight and information. Moreover, its layout and user experience is all customisable.



Unified experience

Built on a framework- oriented architecture for iOS and Android, The Voyage Team’s mobile app is designed to bring all travel hub information and services together into a unified experience that sits in the users’ hand.s.


Highly customization and innovative features

The Passenger journey app could be customized in order to fit the brand identity of any travel hub. It also can be integrated with any AODB or any other service that every airport already has in its ecosystem. It’s also manage all the native features that any smartphone has like biometric authentication, push notifications and augmented reality features.


Revenue opportunities

For travel hubs with retails partners, the Passengers journey app could send targeted push notifications to your passengers to enable proximity marketing campaigns. Thanks to its integration with Piksel’s Beacon manager, airports can manage indoor navigation features, marketing campaigns or enable click & collect functionality.


Valuable passenger insights

Transport hubs will be able to build up far more accurate pictures of the passengers that travel with them, enabling further improvements to hub services, which will further enhance the quality of the passenger’s transport experience.



Passengers Journey App

Download your flyer here. Discover the benefits and key features of the Passengers Journey App: a unified experience, passenger insights, customisation, and other revenue opportunities.

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