VCMS2 is a flexible, fully-featured and cost-effective solution that allows you to build digital channels to engage with your customer base, from responsive web sites or a native app, or to run marketing campaigns through emails or mobile messaging.

By clearly separating content and presentation, VCMS 2 allows you to focus on your content while it takes care of displaying it correctly for the channel or device the customer is using.

Thanks to its open architecture VCMS 2 allows for integration with CRM, provides executable customer insights and presents the most appropriate set of information, products and services to your audience.



A Flexible Approach for your Digital Marketing

Managing varied products and brands requires a one-stop-shop solution. With VCMS 2, you can build multilingual and multisite digital products.

The open architecture allows you to easily integrate with third party making marketing solutions as well as your IT ecosystem.


Natively Support Multichannel Delivery

VCMS 2 allows you to provide your customers with a unique brand experience across all digital channels – ensuring a seamless journey.

Fully scalable and ready for tomorrow’s channels, you can manage web and mobile, native apps, Kiosks, IoT and more.


Speed Time to Market

With a fully-featured library that includes more than 100 modules, you can rapidly build the channel and solution that works for you.

Pick and mix the required modules and publish in seconds to all channels. You do not need to submit native apps anymore.

You can rapidly build personalized modules as and when required.


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