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Comprehensive Cloud Security

Piksel Group will help protect your web applications or APIs against common web exploits and attacks that may affect availability, compromise security, or consume excessive resources. Our Managed Perimeter Security Service is a comprehensive cloud security solution built on a managed suite of AWS services, and delivered in partnership with AWS DDoS Response Team.

Piksel Group have assisted AWS in the development of the AWS Perimeter Protection MSSP Partner program and are proud to be one of just six launch partners globally, and the only UK-based AWS certified partner

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Security designed by experts

The service is designed using the expertise and experience of Piksel Group cloud security teams, network architects and DDoS mitigation specialists. The Piksel Group experts will ensure perimeter protection is properly designed, configured, maintained, monitored, and managed end-to-end, with proactive, real-time support to provide continuous protection.

Intelligent threat detection

Intigrated services provide detection of potential Denial of Service attacks, as well as protection from application vulnerability. Alerts are raised if pre-defined firewall metrics are exceeded, or a DDoS event is underway for a given resource, automatically notifying the Piksel Group Security Operations Centre. With the ability to scale on demand, the service provides uptime protection for customer workloads ensuring they are available and responsive.

Rapid response

Delivered in partnership with the AWS Shield DDoS Response Team, rapid and automated response to any attack, is provided and coordinated from our 24x7x365 Security Operations Centre, ensuring swift attack mitigation.AWS


MPSS - case study

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We are expert in protecting our customers' web applications from external threats and attacks. Download this case study to know more about our solution!

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