London’s Heathrow Airport has been an international travel and trade hub since 1955 and is one of the world’s busiest international airports. In recent years £11 billion has been invested in improving Heathrow Airport, including the opening of the new Terminal 5 in 2010 and the Queen’s Terminal (Terminal 2) in 2014. In 2019, Heathrow supported a daily average of 1,303 air transport movements with a total of 475,861 for the year. The total number of passengers in that year was just under 80.9m.

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The Challenge

The Voyage Team have been working with Heathrow since May 2005, first as part of the BAA group and now as an individual company within Heathrow Airport Holdings Ltd Group. As a trusted partner we hosted, managed and supported the airport’s website until the end of 2019, achieving and exceeding the challenging Service Levels set by Heathrow. Our relationship continues with the hosting of the Passenger Information Hub and development of B2B services.

Service provided

The Website was hosted on a SaaS basis, meeting availability SLA’s of 99.95%, protected by Piksel’s on premise, cloud backed, DDoS protection service and by Intrusion Protection services. was assured to be capable of supporting demand of 400pvps with total traffic of up to 2Gbps. Also, hosted and managed was the Flight Information Hub (FIHub), a single point of truth for passenger focussed flight and travel data. The Website, Passenger App and several 3rd parties all obtained their data from FIHub APIs.

Additionally, the Voyage Team provide a one-stop shop from full infrastructure managed service, through middleware to a bespoke application support service for the web and the Flight Information Hub.

A safe pair of hands

Over the years The Voyage Team has worked with Heathrow to deliver 3 significant platform and software technology refreshes. Most recently working on working on the migration of FIHub from on-premise infrastructure to Azure. This project, delivering the new Passenger Information Hub (PIHub), has improved scalability, flexibility and reduced the running costs of the data hub functionality.

Latest News

In early 2018 Heathrow launched an Amazon Alexa Skill giving passengers access to flight information via this exciting interface. This was developed by Piksel and was the first of its kind for a UK airport. Further innovation was delivered in 2019 when Piksel design and developed a proof of concept for an Android based Passenger Connections Kiosk. This was successful trialled in Terminals 2 and 3 and remains live.