Game Server Architecture

Bespoke cloud-based architecture to support highly available multiplayer games, with a global reach, that will scale with demand.


Virtual Remote Studio

Empower your team to work and collaborate remotely from anywhere in the world using the latest VDI technologies.

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Game Analytics

Understand your players, keep them engaged longer and grow player numbers with efficient, cost-effective analytics for your games.

Application support


Placing the support of your platform in our safe hands gives your teams more time to create fun games that people will love to play.

Get the best out of cloud services

When it comes to gaming IT modernisation, Piksel GameTech are a partner you can trust, with a proven track record in cloud technologies.

We build flexible, powerful solutions using the best available cloud services and technology, that are 100% right for a studio’s unique games and meet the demands of their creative teams.

Our 24x7 GamesOps service ensures the technology infrastructure is fully supported and always available. We make certain that the platform is secure, optimised for both performance and cost, and ready to scale on demand.

With Piksel Gametech providing back-end IT services studios can focus on growing player engagement, deploying new features and the development of new games

Your own custom Game Server Platform

Break free from the restraints of using out of the box gaming services and meet your unique goals. We can design and build a bespoke cloud-based architecture matched to the features of your games.

With over 12 years experience building cloud-based solutions, we can design and build a globally scalable custom game server platform using the available native cloud services that best align to you what you aim to achieve.

A well-designed cloud architecture can reduce operational costs. Adopting serverless architectures and servers with automatic scaling, not only allows you to right size during low-demand periods, but it also enables you to build highly available multiplayer games with global reach and intelligent matchmaking that will scale with demand.

Ever thought about building a flexible Remote Studio?

We can empower your team to work and collaborate remotely from anywhere in the world. Piksel Group are the experts in latest VDI technologies.

We’ll create a studio environment for you using virtual workstations that are secure, durable, and, best of all, highly scalable, allowing artists and editors to work on multiple large files.

You can size your studio based onteam size and project requirements, flex up and down as you need.

Improve player lifetime value with better insight of your game players

By using analytics and big data, you’re better placed to understand your players and keep them engaged longer and grow player numbers. Cloud platforms like AWS and Azure enable you to do this cost-effectively and at scale.

Implementing game analytics using these services can be a complex task requiring expertise. Our technical architects can assist in designing and implementing the most efficient, cost-effective analytics for your games.

A well-designed analytics solution will deliver,
  • Actionable insights. With visualised data analytics at scale, you get better insights for more informed decision making.
  • Increase player engagement. Deploy game improvements that retain and grow your player base. All data-driven from analysing player behaviour.
  • Personalised experiences. Build tailored experiences through understanding player preferences via big data analysis.

GameOps. We have the team and the tools.

Our teams have over 12 years’ experience in managing cloud platforms. Our GameOps service provides a comprehensive set of managed services that are designed for game workloads. We can look after the day to day management of game platform and infrastructure giving your teams more time to develop new features and create fun games that people will love to play.

Our GameOps service includes, but is not limited to:

  • Day-to-day infrastructure management. Our 24 x7 Service desk and support teams have the expertise and latest tools available to proactively monitor youe games platform
  • Automated pipline to help you seamlessly deploy new game features faster. We can help you build a CI/CD deployment pipeline resulting in faster deployments, fewer operational resources and reduced operational overhead and risk.
  • Cost Optimisation. We continuously right-size your resources and review which instance types and services are best aligned to your requirements and  which deliver the biggest cost efficiencies.
  • Cloud Security and Compliance. Our combined security services deliver always on security to protect your games. We can provide protection against potential threats from the edge of your network, and can detect vulnerabilities and identify gaps in compliance in your infrastructure and game applications.

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