We offer an innovative Flight Information Display System (FIDS) that allows to display crucial flight information alongside other content like advertising, videos and newsfeeds. It makes the journey experience easier for passengers while becoming an important communication channel for the airport’s advertising and information diffusion.



Fully customisable and flexible

The Voyage Team’s FIDS allows airports to customise contents on each screen to be easily and effectively edited. The FIDS editor is our flexible and efficient solution that enable any content editor to fit every kind of requirements.


One solution, more uses

The Voyage Team’s FIDS is the best solution for airports that want to take advantage of its innovative features that allow to use a single channel for editing multiple screens. Our solution can use different languages and is capable to manage multiple kind of media (images, videos, presentations, …) and displays including LCD and LED screens.


Centralised mean of communication

TVT’s FIDS is designed to display all the flight data, check-in and gate info, baggage belt assignments and other tourist or travel information like bus rides, trains or parking availability around different locations inside and outsideairport.


Cost and time-wasting optimisation

The use of The Voyage Team’s FIDS constitutes an opportunity to reduce communication costs and to make the journey experience inside the airport more effective by eliminating time-wasting since all the required information are displayed in the right place at the right moment.




Download your flyer here. Discover the key benefits and features of iFIDS: a powerful media library, dynamic content, language management and a customisable dashboard.

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