Rapid migration and deployment of Hybris and Magento on AWS public cloud


Fully automated provisioning with one click deployment


Internal and customer-facing chatbots


Bespoke Alexa Skills services


Don’t miss out on vital seasonal revenue

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That’s why we built DC2.

Hosted in the AWS public cloud, DC2 provides complete stability for your e-commerce store. With bespoke cart capabilities and a scalable, transferable architecture, DC2 works on a range of platforms, including SAP Hybris, Magento and other custom e-commerce platforms.

Using the scalability of the public cloud, we’ve built a system that is flexible enough to handle fluctuating workloads - perfect for those seasonal sales peaks. What’s more, cloud-based services such as Machine Learning and AI, allows retailers to innovate their customer experience with chatbot and voice technology.

DC2 users also benefit from:

  • Rapid deployment
    Get your platform up and running while your competitors struggle with development.
  • Increased performance
    Don’t make your customers wait. DC2 improves customer experience by speeding up load time.
  • Demand-based scaling
    Be ready for that critical holiday rush. DC2 scales on-demand, so you can avoid unpredictable workloads and pay only for resources you’re using.
  • Automated Provisioning
    Create web application stacks faster than ever before.

Discover a Hybris transformation in practice

Discover how Piksel Group supported The White Company's e-commerce migration.

The White Company


A focus on customer experience

DC2 is only part of the puzzle. To create an online store which delights customers and boosts revenue, you need a platform that integrates with the latest tools: 

  • Chatbots
    We develop internal and customer-facing chatbots to help simplify your customer journey. From simple problem-solving to 24-hour support, chatbots can revolutionise your business processes. Cut labour costs and optimise your user experience.
  • Alexa Skills
    Alexa is Amazon’s cloud-based voice service and the future of e-commerce. Using Amazon’s knowledge of voice design, our team has developed innovative ways to improve customer engagement. Provide product recommendations, track order arrival times and more with thousands of connected devices. 

With over 20 years of experience in retail managed services, we know how to deliver complete IT solutions that make sense for your business. 

Together, we can develop an e-commerce platform that puts your customers at the heart of the digital revolution.


Re-invent your business

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