Our Digital Experience Layer is designed to provide you with a quick and convenient way to start a digital service.

It allows you to leverage your legacy platforms and preserves investment while providing the ability to define and plan for IT transformation.


Omnichannel Experience

The DEL can support you defining the most relevant customer journey for your customers no matter the channel or device they use.


Pure Digital Customer Engagement

Enable your customer to interact through personalized digital channels (digital sales, e-care).


Ready to support B2B & B2C Markets

The DEL natively supports both B2C and market segments.

09-Personalized Content-01

Personalized Content Messages Offers

The DEL helps to define the content, services and messages you want to present to your customer.

10-Business Driven-01

Business Driven & Fast Time to Market Catalog

The DEL allows you to define and present catalogs that are not limited by legacy platform.


On-boarding & Eshop

Full support for the digital onboarding of new customers, subscriptions to new services or upgrades to current ones.

12-Self Service Tool-01

Self Service Tool

The DEL comes integrated with our Self-Service platform, a mobile-first solution for service management.

13-Ready to Support-01-1

Ready to Support Your Physical Shops

Support with all other non-digital channels that will ensure a consistent UX and that will reduce time2market.


8 Reasons to choose the Digital Experience Layer

  • Omnichannel
  • Customer Centric (Mosaic)
  • Increases revenue opportunities (Upselling and Cross Selling)
  • Flexible
  • Efficient (Cost Reduction)
  • Driven by agility
  • Secure & Scalable
  • Best in class


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