Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

0.1 Definitions

This Policy sets out how Piksel (“we”, “our”, “us”) handle our responsibility towards the environment and social matters.

Piksel is committed to delivering sustainable value to its employees, suppliers and customers. This Corporate Social Responsibility Policy (“Policy”) is designed to underpin our business model and equip us for the future in which our success will also depend on our ability to deliver products and services in a world that is increasingly resource constrained and experiencing social change.

This Policy is intended to assist staff in outlining the steps that Piksel is and will continue to take to achieve Corporate Social Responsibility compliance.

2. Scope

We are committed to complying with all our legal obligations and seek to comply with best practice suggestions from relevant regulatory bodies.

This Policy covers all employees, directors, officers, consultants, contractors, freelancers, volunteers, interns, casual workers, agency workers, and may also be relevant to visiting members of the public.

This Policy is non-contractual and does not form part of the terms and conditions of any employment or other contract. We may amend this Policy at any time. The Policy will be regularly reviewed to ensure that it meets legal requirements, relevant guidance published and industry standards.

03. Personnel Responsible

The Legal Department has overall responsibility for ensuring compliance with any relevant legislation and the effective operation of this Policy. The Legal Department is also responsible for keeping this Policy up to date

04. Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

Piksel recognises that this Policy requires commitment from all employees to be successful. The implementation of this Policy largely captures a broad range of existing Piksel policies, guidance, procedures and practices.

Piksel will ensure the development and implementation of this Policy by:

  • An annual review to feed into objectives for the following financial year, and to monitor past performance;
  • An annual update to the Piksel Executive Committee;
  • Internal training and awareness for all employees. 

05. The Environment

Piksel takes environmental and social responsibility seriously and is committed to developing our business towards ecological, social and economic sustainability. Piksel’s approach is on a group wide basis, embracing all our group resources together with individual responsibilities at each of the Piksel offices.

05.1 Our Business

Piksel want to make our offices, operations and supply chains as sustainable as possible.

Piksel is committed to working towards carbon neutrality status for our operated activities worldwide, piloting new approaches to maintaining our offices, and promoting active and more sustainable lifestyles to our customers and employees.

Piksel will ensure delivery of its sustainability objectives by:

  • Integrating sustainability into Piksel everyday systems and processes;
  • engaging Piksel employees on sustainability;
  • building sustainability into the refurbishment and operation of our offices;
  • creating a positive culture of innovation and sustainability.

05.2 Our Sourcing

Piksel believes that our role is to reassure customers and key stakeholders that our products and services are ethically and sustainably sourced. To do this, we must look beyond our operations to the wider supply chain, where the biggest impacts occur.

Piksel is committed to engage with our suppliers fairly and lawfully and source responsibly. Piksel works closely with our suppliers to make sure that they respect human rights, promote decent working conditions and improve sustainability across our supply base. This applies regardless of whether Piksel is sourcing items to sell or use within our business.

Piksel is committed to respecting internationally recognised human rights in line with the principles and guidance contained in the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. Piksel is committed to ensuring that our Suppliers take a zero-tolerance approach to slavery, servitude, forced or compulsory labour or human trafficking.

Piksel suppliers are responsible for achieving and maintaining the requirements of the principles contained in this paragraph 5.2 and to enforce them within their own supply chain.

Piksel are committed to developing and supporting sourcing policies, strategies and standards that facilitate the delivery of industry obligations that go beyond our minimum standards.

05.3 Prevention of Pollution and Environmental Impact

Piksel’s aim is to operate all our facilities within all applicable laws, regulations and permits and to seek cost-effective improvements.

Piksel works to continuously reduce its environmental impact. Piksel will work to build up experience and a good reputation with the environment regulators with regards to control of pollution.

Piksel will ensure that these objectives are delivered by:

  • Continuous improvement through performance monitoring;
  • Management reporting to the Executive Committee on an annual basis;
  • Active site and Group initiative to reduce waste and packaging as much as practicably possible and following a recycling scheme which records disposals by type;
  • Actively seeking to reduce our carbon foot print;
  • Engagement with an electronic equipment disposal company for all our disposals that specialise in equipment remarketing, ethical disposal and environmental management;
  • Use of environmentally certified datacentre facilities.

05.4 Climate Change Mitigation and Efficient Use of Resources

Piksel’s aim is to reduce where economically and commercially viable our environmental impact by means of energy, transport and materials efficiency, reduction of fossil fuels, waste and packaging.

Piksel is continuously improving its materials handling through waste minimisation and maximising recycling.

06. Community

06.1     Piksel Communities and Charity Partnerships

Piksel aims to create a positive impact in society and improve people’s lives wherever possible. Piksel supports local communities because we know that vibrant communities are essential to our success.

Piksel encourages charitable giving but at the same time we need to protect the business from unscrupulous appeals and possible misappropriation of funds. The credentials of organisations must be checked and all community investments and relationships must be disclosed.

As a diverse global business, it is not suitable to have a single charity partner, therefore Piksel organises fundraising events and donations for a number of charities each year to help alleviate those in need.

Piksel does not support the following causes:

  • Personal appeals on behalf of individual people, including overseas trips
  • Advertising or goodwill messages
  • Political parties
  • Third party fundraising on behalf of a charity
  • Religious bodies, except where the project provides non-denominational, non- sectarian support for the benefit of a project

Piksel encourages our employees to become involved in their local communities and conducts fundraising events from our offices to involve employees directly.

Piksel will ensure these objectives are delivered by:

  • Piksel supporting recognised charities via fundraising events and activities;
  • Encouraging employees to volunteer to help in local communities;
  • Appropriate engagement with local community groups;
  • Local and national sponsorship of events, employees and organisations.

06.2 Community Involvement

Piksel recognises that it has an impact on every community that we operate in. This imposes a responsibility on Piksel to consider the impact of its business carefully. The positive impact is in terms of employment and business growth.

Piksel operations have the potential to cause disturbance to local residents, especially through traffic movements, vehicle noise, light pollution and emissions. Piksel want all our teams to contribute to a mitigation plan against negative impacts and to be encouraged to be involved in community initiatives and projects.

Piksel will ensure that these objectives are delivered by:

  • Site operating plans and adherence to appropriate Piksel Group environmental and health and safety policies

06.3 Education and Culture

Piksel’s aim is to encourage young people to learn about the Technology sector from an academic and potential employment point of view.

As a major employer in the Technology sector and within the local community, Piksel recognises that it has a role in engaging new talent.  Piksel has the skill and knowledge to offer people guidance and mentoring and such opportunities should be encouraged, both internally and externally.

Piksel will ensure that these objectives are delivered by:

  • Local offices working with schools, universities and further and higher education centres
  • Attending local career fairs and university career events
  • Developing graduate trainee and apprenticeship schemes
  • Encouraging and developing work experience and Internship placements

06.4 Health and Wellbeing

Piksel aims to demonstrate support of local events and activities which promote healthy living and wellbeing, and to encourage healthy living for our employees.

Piksel will ensure that these objectives are delivered by:

  • Authorising specific sponsorship of events;
  • Actively encouraging employees to participate in local events;
  • Occupational health and intervention;
  • Hosting basic health checks in the office such as blood pressure checks.

07. Fair Operating Practice

07.1 Anti-Corruption and Behavioural Standards of Employees

Piksel requires that all employees observe the following standards of business and personal ethics in the conduct of their duties and responsibilities. Piksel employees must practice honesty and integrity in every aspect of dealing with other employees, customers, suppliers, other business partners, communities and government authorities.

Neither Piksel nor any of its employees shall make illegal or improper payments or bribes and will refrain from participating in any corrupt business practices. The exchange of hospitality, entertainment and gifts can build goodwill in business relationships, but some gifts and entertainment can create improper influence. Piksel does not expect its employees to engage in such activity or to offer or receive any items of personal inducement to secure business. Neither Piksel nor any of its employees may accept payments, gifts or other kinds of reimbursement from a third party that could affect or appear to affect their objectivity in business decisions.

All employees must not condone, under any conditions, the offering, giving or receiving of bribes or inducements. In addition, Piksel employees will not permit intermediaries, agents, subsidiaries, joint ventures or any other third party performing services on Piksel’s behalf to engage in such conduct.

Employees should avoid entering into situations where their personal, family or financial interests may be in conflict with that of Piksel. Where any such potential conflict of interest arises, the employee should disclose this and seek advice from their line manager.

Piksel will ensure that these objectives are delivered by:

  • adherence to Piksel’s Anti-Corruption and Bribery Policy
  • close supervision of employees through training, quarterly reviews and leading by example
  • communication and publication of this policy.

08. Suppliers, Customers and Partners

The first principle of dealing with third party business is the adoption of a fair and ethical approach to all of our dealings. As individual employees, our people have the responsibility of protecting and promoting the good name and reputation of Piksel.

08.1 All Third–Party Transactions

Piksel’s aim is to have the reputation of an organisation that third parties want to conduct business with and that they feel comfortable in dealing with Piksel.

Piksel strive to ensure that everyone with external trading and other relationships understand the standards of business engagement expected of them, and that they feel responsible for the reputation of Piksel and present themselves with the highest degree of integrity at all times.

Piksel will ensure that these objectives are delivered by:

  • Recruitment, training and development of staff with the highest level of integrity;
  • Communications through regular team meetings, guidance and supervision.

08.2 Engaging Our Customers

Piksel aims to ensure that we engage with our customers and respond to their needs by providing a wide range of products, services and information to maximise their own commercial aspirations sustainably.

Piksel is aware that there is an increasing customer awareness of environmental and social issues. This places an expectation on Piksel to offer information, products and services to help them create more sustainable business with their customers and ultimate customers.

Piksel will ensure that these objectives are delivered by:

  • communicating with our customers in order to understand and respond to their needs for information, products and services;
  • offering customers honest information, responsible marketing and useful data and in doing so inspire trust in our brands.

08.3 Our Suppliers and Other Partners

Piksel’s aim is to ensure that there is a mutual benefit in dealing with Piksel and that our suppliers and other partners have confidence in the value of doing business with Piksel.

Piksel has a direct impact on the environment and lives of people all over the world and Piksel is committed to doing business in a way which ensures that everyone in our supply chain benefits from trading with us.

Piksel believe that protection of the environment, high workplace standards, good health and safety and fair pay and employment conditions are all elements of a successful, professionally run business and contribute to its efficiency and productivity. Piksel will work with our suppliers to help them reduce their impact on the environment and manage the challenges of sustainable business growth.

Piksel will ensure that these objectives are delivered by:

  • full knowledge and engagement with every Supplier we deal with and through third party accredited certification to ensure sustainability;
  • working with Suppliers who share our aims and values and can demonstrate that they meet the minimum workplace and environmental standards that Piksel set.

09. Communications

Piksel aims to provide honest, clear and helpful information at appropriate levels of details to all employees, customers, suppliers, the public and other stakeholders.

Piksel strives to communicate clear messages across all audiences as benefits a business of its size and reputation.

Piksel will ensure that these objectives are delivered by:

  • regularly updating our websites;
  • regular notices, workplace meetings and team briefings;
  • periodic group meetings, seminars or conferences;
  • testing through feedback surveys;
  • regular meetings with groups of stakeholders;
  • utilising local area networks.