We offer a service to manage the Cargo Ecosystem through digitalization. This service will help you to optimize the cargo processes by reducing time waste, developing more efficient procedures and transforming the airport’s freight yard into a kind of “Smart City” aligned to the information and communication standards of the most advanced and important.



Efficient network

The Cargo Ecosystem creates a well-connected network among all the involved figures (Cargo Agents, Ground Handlers, Carriers, Custom agents etc.). Each of them will be able to receive realtime information on goods’ time of arrival, flights schedules, deliveries, data and so on. 


Lower error percentage

The Cargo Ecosystem service allows to reduce the manual data input by digitalizing all the processes. Consequently, errors linked to data transfer or input duplication will be reduced, so providing more precise data.


Mobile app

The Cargo Ecosystem services are easy to consult through the use of our Mobile app that allows to track the conveyors inside the cargo area, optimize the import/export up of the good, control each movement and increase the security checks.


Data safety

The Cargo Ecosystem has been developed to ensure security and privacy. All the data can be consulted only by the authorized personnel through the use of private credentials. Moreover, the data transmission is constantly protected thanks to the employment of most recent transmission standards to the core system.



Cargo EcoSystem

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