HSCN connectivity from one of the longest established Consumer Network Service Providers (CN-SP)

Piksel Carelink have developed a suite of different connectivity solutions for connecting both Public and Private Sector organisations to HSCN. The best solution will depend on the size of organisation and the required use cases. Connectivity to the HSCN peering exchanges are available at both our Docklands and Manchester Data Centres enabling resilient services and peering to all other HSCN CN-SPs. Contact us to review your options.

HSCN Connectivity Solutions

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Cloud Connect

Simple but Secure NHS Digital Approved direct connectivity to HSCN from multiple major public cloud platforms including AWS, Azure and Google Cloud. 

Many clients benefit from this cost effective and reliable solution to connect their cloud based services to the HSCN. 

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High Speed Ethernet

High Speed Ethernet is required where high bandwidth is needed with both good upload and download speeds. Services are provided with a stringent SLA and the assurance of Piksel Carelink's 24x7 support.

Typical use cases would be for on premise hosted facilities either in the private or public sector.

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Broadband Circuits

Suitable for clients with lower bandwidth requirements and mainly requiring access into HSCN. The service is available through appropriate Telco networks who have access into Piksel's Data Centres.

Commonly used for smaller businesses with specific access requirements. 


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FlexVPN Connectivity

A Cisco FlexVPN solution is suitable for low bandwidth requirements or where a client cannot leverage our Broadband service due to the lack of Telco connection into their premises. 

The connection requires hardware at the client end and provides a secure connection across the internet.

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Dedicated Remote Access

A remote access solution from Piksel Carelink tailored to the individual requirements of larger customers who need to connect to HSCN via the internet. Hosted either in the public cloud or on dedicated hardware in our Data Centres. Piksel Carelink can provide a platform that integrates with  identity management platforms and offers features such as SSO and Always-On VPN connectivity for your remote users to HSCN.

This remote access solutio is ideal for customers with a large number of users working remotely who need access to the HSCN network. 

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Single User

Shared Secure Remote Access

A shared entry level solution providing HSCN user access at a fixed low price and supported during standard business hours. Access is provided secured via Two Factor Authentication (TFA) via Active Directory and Duo Authentication. 

Recommended where access is required for a single user, or small number of users who require secure access to HSCN. 

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Some of the clients for trust Carelink for their HSCN Connectivity


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