Carelink HSCN High Speed Connections

Piksel Carelink can provide a variety of High Speed and High Availability options suitable for most use cases. 

Broadband Based Circuits

Working with partners, Piksel Carelink can enable deployments of ADSL/FTTC/FTTP services and also next generation SOTAP/SOGEA/SOGFAST services. Options are also provided around resilient/non-resilient connectivity, onsite managed firewalls and managed Cisco routers to terminate the Broadband connection and provide a clear demarcation point to the customer networks. Our service will provide a minimum guaranteed downstream rate and control the IP allocation and other aspects of the service via our managed central RADIUS servers.

High Speed Ethernet

Piksel Carelink can source the most appropriate and cost effective offering of private ethernet circuits ranging from 10Mbit/s up to 10Gbit/s with similar additional options as the broadband service, including resilient/non-resilient connectivity and onsite managed firewalls. The connectivity offering is via all major Telcos, Unbundled Local Loop Providers and Fibre carriers to supply wires only Ethernet services between Carelink's Data Centres and the end customers premises.

Benefits of this type of connection also include the ability to connect privately to large scale public cloud services and means users can leverage Piksel's Secure Internet Service or the NHS Secure Boundary. 

FlexVPN Connectivity

A Cisco FlexVPN solution allows remote site connectivity via the internet and attaches to the customer's private MPLS VRF (Virtual Routing & Forwarding). Piksel Carelink deploy a Cisco router to the site running Cisco's FlexVPN functionality connecting back to the Carelink MPLS network in a logically similar way to a normal directly connected site.

Please get in touch to discuss more technical detail about the options for you.