Carelink HSCN Secure Remote Access Solution

With our HSCN Secure Remote Access platform, you can access critical resources anytime, anywhere, on any device. This means healthcare workers can reap the benefits of flexible and remote working, all while maintaining IT security.

By moving to the cloud with Carelink, you reduce the potential security risks of a mobile workforce. We also offer extra security measures, like multi-factor authentication. This ensures that only pemitted users can access sensitive applications and data via HSCN.


Platform Components

We provide Pulse Secure virtual devices in a high availability cluster. Maximising your business’s uptime and capacity. These access profiles can be within Azure, AWS or via a secure portal. Then, depending which profile you access, you’ll find a webpage with resource links or it may launch a desktop client, providing a more traditional VPN service.

Microsoft Active Directory allows you great flexibility in providing granular access to users. You simply assign roles, dependent on who needs access to certain apps or data. You can also assign group roles to grant access to multiple users at once.

We then further secure these accounts using Duo Mobile authentication. When logging in, users receive either a simple SMS code or push based authentication via the iOS/Android application. This ensures that you only grant access to the right people.

Self service is provided for device management.


Access Profiles

Carelink hosted infrastructure

This platform lets customers access their hosted environment securely via the internet. Doing this allows you to manage servers and services remotely. You can do this either via the portal-based SSP VPN or a traditional client-based VPN.

You can then publish resources via this portal for standard administrative needs (e.g RDP and SSH access). What’s more, you can also add HTTPS links. This allows users secure access to HSCN facing websites for both end users and testing purposes.

We can also provide a client-based VPN for more flexible access to internal resources.


HSCN hosted infrastructure

You can also access HSCN services and resources through either a portal-based (e.g RDP/HTTPS access) or a traditional VPN (e.g services requiring smartcard authentication).

For portal-based access Carelink provides a link to connect to the HSCN resources you require, hiding behind a specific IP address. We then add this address to the access rules specified for the HSCN resource. Once done, end users can securely access HSCN services via the internet portal.

For services requiring more complex implementations, we offer a client-based VPN. An example of which is using smartcards for authentication. In this instance, the VPN provides the routing to HSCN the smartcards require to authenticate the client machine. The VPN then provides DNS resolution for and addresses, then tunnels the subsequent connections through the appliances and out onto HSCN.