Assured protection from a trusted provider

Carelink is recognised as a trusted technology partner. Our priority is to protect your mission-critical environments with physical security, organisational behaviour and technology.

ISO 27001 accredited
Our ISO 27001 InfoSec team provide consultancy services on best practice, to help you deliver solutions with the right levels of security and governance.

Continuous protection assured
Our ITIL aligned managed service ensures ongoing protection. All systems are fully patched with the latest security updates, protected with a centralised, up-to-date antivirus service and an option to incorporate DDoS mitigation.

Secure collaboration and communication
We offer a feature-rich email and file-sharing solution to enable secure collaboration in a multi-agency environment, along with secured internet access services in partnership with Zscaler and Netsweeper.


Carelink provides unsurpassable 24/7 assurance 365 days a year.

Leading best practice
We have extensive experience of supporting mission-critical environments and you’ll benefit from our mature, ITIL-aligned, ISO 20000-accredited service management capability.

Premier facilities
Our infrastructure is based in the UK’s premier hosting facilities. These facilities have the highest levels of security and resilience and are supported 24/7, 365 days a year, providing unbeatable uptimes and availability.

Experts who fit your needs
Availability extends to our people. We build close, long-term relationships to ensure we fully understand your needs. Our experts are trained to deliver a highly available, responsive, customer-centric service.


We are cloud experts, having delivered managed virtual platforms to the NHS since 2008.

We give you the ability to employ a cloud-first approach without  compromises. Our multi-cloud approach ensures the best mix of platforms and services to meet your needs.

Public cloud
Our digital transformation service helps migrate, build and manage platforms with all major public cloud providers, such as AWS and Azure.

Private cloud
We offer an in-house IaaS package, with accredited, high-availability virtual platforms hosted in our secure UK data centres.



Interconnectivity enables efficiency. Every location that our customers and their partners operate from needs to be connected to ensure effective sharing of information and access to systems.

Joined-up services
Our comprehensive package of network services and remote access solutions lets us create joined-up environments, enabling separate organisations to operate together in a seamless way.

Tailored to your needs
We have a team of network architects to help customers understand their organisational and operational structure and develop solutions to improve efficiency and patient care.

Under one roof
The Carelink HSCN Cloud portfolio provides a simplified supplier engagement, enabling you to design services that are available whenever and wherever you need them.