Transforming Healthcare with modern, innovative technology

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Full stack IT  management

On cloud or on-premise 24/7 service and support.


Complete cloud lifecycle management

Public cloud. Hybrid cloud. Private cloud.


Modern workspace

Office 365, VDI and RDS implementation and management.


HSCN Cloud - Connectivity and cloud services for healthcare

A range of connectivity and cloud platforms delivered as a service .


Assured protection from a trusted provider

Piksel Group is a trusted technology partner, assured through ISO 27001 accreditation.

Our priority is to protect your mission-critical environments with physical security, organisational behaviour and technology.



ITIL ISO 20000 managed services and premier facilities

Piksel Group is one of the most highly accredited Managed Service organisations in the UK.

We combine international standards for best practice in security and service management, advanced systems management technologies and the UK’s premier data hosting facilities, to provide our customers with unsurpassable, 24/7 assurance, 365 days a year.

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Public clouds, private clouds, assured clouds and more

We are cloud experts, having delivered managed virtual platforms to the NHS since 2008.

This expertise, alongside our breadth of capabilities and services means you have the flexibility to achieve a cloud-first approach without making any uncomfortable compromises.

We always select the best mix of platforms and services to meet your individual needs.



Broadband, ethernet, remote access – HSCN, PSN, WWW

Interconnectivity enables efficiency. Every location that our customers and their partners operate from needs to be connected to ensure effective sharing of information and access to systems.

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Why choose Piksel Carelink ?

We are the longest-running provider of NHS-connected managed infrastructure services and proud to be a CN-SP, Consumer Network Service Provider.


As one of the first organisations to offer HSCN connectivity, we drive technological innovation and modernisation in health and social care.


Carelink makes life simple for suppliers by giving them a single point of access for a range of network, security and cloud services – helping them to increase efficiency and improve their standards of patient care.

We are part of the Piksel Group, a highly accredited organisation specialising in delivering IT modernisation and providing secure, dependable, specialist services to healthcare organisations. We have a long history of working with the NHS and their partners.
Through delivering an effective and innovative programme of IT modernisation we can increase:
  • Organisational efficiency,
  • Multi-agency collaboration
  • Remote working capabilities
All while maintaining top-tier cybersecurity, ensuring the safety of your sensitive data.
We are your trusted partner, providing independent guidance via a single interface. We combine people, process and technology to revolutionise and modernise your healthcare business.

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