Wind Tre Employees App by Piksel awarded at 2019 CMMC Awards

Posted by The Digital Sense Team on May 9, 2019 8:53:51 AM

The custom solutions delivered by Piksel always aim to improve the life and working environment of their customers. The first goal of the 2019 was the successful launch of the Wind Tre Employees App: WAW3 - We Are Wind Tre.

Wind Tre entrusted Piksel with the development and design of the groundbreaking app. It was one of the many projects successfully delivered during their long-lasting, trustworthy relationship.

On April 16th, 2019 the WAW3 App received a special mention at the 2019 CMMC Awards in the Customer Experience category. Lorenzo Tazzioli and Claudia Caselli received the award on behalf of the Wind Tre brand.

Wind Tre Employee App

The app was launched in early January. It focuses on the comfortable managing of the every-day tasks via mobile devices. The Agile development of the Wind Tre Employee App allowed the Digital Sense Team to integrate the app with several settings. The main goal was to make it even more useful for the Wind Tre employees in their time management.

Create a network to connect all the employees, making their working experience easier and more fluid than ever was the main goal of the app. Making long and grueling tasks simple and pleasant. Through the practical, easy to understand layout the employees can check the available meeting rooms and book one for their meeting; monitor their working hours, including the daily punching of the time card and the anomalies of the procedure, whenever one might occur.

Through the app, the Wind Tre employees can also check the work permit requests under revision. Finally the Grande Cinema 3 program was included recently to facilitate the access to the exclusive Tre promo for cinema addicts.

The new approach to the working experience

Security was a priority, of course. SmartLock and KeyChain regulate the access to the app.

The Wind Tre Employees App is the new frontier of an evolved approach to the working experience. It is a fundamental tool to monitor your working life, anywhere and at any moment. In the meantime it’s a technological reflection of the values and culture of the Wind Tre brand. Tasks previously confined to a computer are now available on a smartphone, both for iOS and Android users. That gives the employees the freedom to manage their schedule even at home or on the move.

The final launch delivered featured most of the main functions. However, more improvements and functions are already in the works to make the app better and smarter.

The response to the Wind Tre Employee App has exceeded the expectations of both Piksel and Wind Tre. The feedbacks from employees have been positive and enthusiastic. The app addressed their needs in the fastest and most professional way, making their working life a new, exciting experience.

As per today, the active clients regularly using the Wind Tre Employees App are more than 6000.

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