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Posted by The Voyage Team on Dec 12, 2019 1:51:44 PM

What are the trends for Air Cargo demand?

The use of Air Cargo has always been one of the best solutions when it comes to moving goods across countries in a safe and fast way.

It constitutes a critical part of supply chain operations for many companies that import and export their products. Even though it is costly, it is the best option to deliver goods that need particular treatment such as specific temperatures or conservation.

Despite Air Cargo having an important role in global commerce, its performance has not been positive. During recent months, there has been a gradual decrease in the number of products delivered by air. What are the reasons that lay behind this decrease?

IATA results for Air Cargo in 2019

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) releases a report every three months analysing the trends and the results for Air Cargo. This has showed a negative trend in the sector in the last period. This trend started in April 2019.

If we take into consideration the latest results, the freight tonne kilometres (FTKs) decreased by 3.5% (in comparison to 2018). In general, if we consider the air cargo movement per region, it has been highlighted that only Africa registered a growth of 12.6%, while the remaining regions had negative results. Middle East and Asia Pacific registered the biggest decrease, with -6% and -5,3% respectively. (Data retrieved from: )  


What can airports do?

The decrease of the Air Cargo movements is certainly linked to a general climate of uncertainty that is characterising global trade. Nevertheless, the reason has also to be found in the high costs of managing these operations. A multitude of people involved, many paper documents, many separate operation. All these aspects together make the Air Cargo a complex and costly solution. Therefore, to push the freight transport towards a new growth it is important to simplify the operations and the management within airports.


But, how can airports optimise time and costs?

The Voyage Team can provide the right tools to improve the performance of Air Cargo operations thanks to its Cargo Ecosystem. This solution assures time management and cost reduction, thanks to its full service that creates a well-connected network among all involved parties (Cargo Agents, Ground Handlers, Carriers, Custom agents etc.). It enables all groups to receive real-time information on goods’ time of arrival, flights schedules, deliveries, data and so on.

The Voyage Team’s Cargo Ecosystem is an efficient and modern solution that can help airports to improve their performance and consequently assure a cost-effective service for the companies that want to import/export their goods.

Contact us at to discover more about The Voyage Team Cargo Ecosystem!

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