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Posted by The Digital Sense Team on Nov 9, 2018 8:56:17 AM

Further to our previous article on business insights, 2018 has been a burning year for Telecom companies. Due to the launch of new technologies and the upgrading of the current ones, telco providers can make the most of these opportunities to propose complementary services working on networks offered by the same telecoms companies, that might be launched during the 5G network development.
However, what are the main characteristics of the 2018 market?

• 5G, a faster and faster traffic to keep customers and goods connected between each other.

5G is part of the wireless opportunities for all telecoms operators thanks to the upgraded loading speed of Internet contents for consumers and disrupt the UX. The current 4G can propose certain services but the 5G will allow users to directly access video and music streaming services, based on more powerful and developed sim cards.
Therefore, all stakeholders must invest on education and technological antennas to allow this revolution. More applications, structures and data are required to go through the 5G revolution since most smartphones will not be able to work on this network.

Providers like the Digital Sense focus on the delivery cost and time-to-market to support the working of the legacy system to implement the new system able to manage all the new technologies and propose more interactive services with the customers. All stakeholders which have been evolving on the market develop efficient streamline Digital Transformations have underlined many opportunities for innovations, whose working will be based on streamline processes, robotics, automation and blockchain. The 5G vibe overcomes the pure technological asset, getting a social goal as well by improving the global network access to all population, without any discrimination.

As more and more services go digital, Telecoms operators must provide powerful services implemented on rural areas and landlocked regions. You should be used to getting more streaming personalize services impacting data themselves. Connected goods like cars will be sooner equipped with 5G sim cards, allowing the data management between the good and the smartphone of the users, and companies will aim at proposing the most suitable service on the digital era.

• AI, the Artificial Intelligence for the breakthrough digital revolution.

AI or Artificial Intelligence deals with all the advanced technologies made for supporting and helping all stakeholders in the daily routine. Have you ever used Siri or Cortana, present on devices? Thanks to all the databases built up by Apple or Microsoft, we can easily plan our activities and be more performant at work. The digital environment allows to represent the services through the virtual reality without leaving home. All these technologies will upgrade the UX and the customer journey, to provide more innovations and impressions.

More and more multinationals, leaders on the digital industries, propose their voice and facial recognition services to public entities, without impacting the physical resources of states. Regarding the telco industry, the telco services may use the same technologies for selfcare services, reinforcing the current continuous service and impacting the productivity of their own clients.

• IoT – Internet of Things: your connected objects to make you live impacting digital experiences.

The Internet of Things is the new trend in connecting goods to propose a better experience to all customers, the data management and the future business strategies. This experience will be synonym of challenges regarding the connectivity of the network, the technical support and the used resources.

Have you ever heard about connected cars? Connected cars or autonomous ones are the future of vehicles and transportations in a world always more connected. Companies like Google have already experienced some vehicles but the lack of structures and commitment from all actors will not mean success. The progressive interest in IoT will spread the use of all connected devices to overcome issues of our society.

Users will be more and more included on the process since their online activity is as important as their purchase decision as explained on the Racknap blog, the IoT budget is split into 4 different categories: tracking products, customer monitoring, premises monitoring in physical retail stores, and supply chain monitoring & service operations.
However, as any industrial revolutions, the consumers’ habits will be totally turned into something new: the security and privacy issues have been underlined by all stakeholders since many information will be collected by the items and registered by the database that might be hacked by criminals. The transparence and communication of all the manufacturers is essential to urge all stakeholders use them.

• Corporate Social Responsibility: building up sustainable businesses made with Green touch.
There are more and more secondhand phones for which users prefer to buy the latest model proposed by the multinational companies, however there is the development of a new market of secondhand phones which can be upgraded thanks to their potential residual values.

The potential of all these technologies will impact the organization of our society and the way companies work. As many companies outsource some of their activities, telco providers solutions are more than glad to help and support telecom operators through these digital operations, by structuring the legacy systems and launching new useful applications that may attract consumers and propose them in different packs. Thus, the privacy issue might urge the development of security software to make companies propose safe services and get a transparent communication with stakeholders. Many Merger & Acquisitions may be one of the solutions to get structured on the market and ready to face virtual services competition and to develop solutions like SD-WAN.

All these developments aim at reaching million of subscribers proposing new products, customize solutions and operation support service through the entire corporate process grouping the entire departments. Companies will develop cross-functional platforms and tools to be more flexible and build a strong relationship with their customers.
Thanks to the Total Telecom Congress from last October, we got many insights of the future of all technologies impacting our current society. Do not miss our articles about the 2019 trends and challenges on the market and further news about 5G, AI, IoT, OTT and data security management.

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