Sustainability, Safety and Smartness: the pillars of a Smart Mobility

Posted by The Voyage Team on Jul 31, 2019 1:39:28 PM

During the last years, the concept of Smart City has become popular. A city can be defined “smart” when its people and government apply and undertake initiatives that aim at improving the living standard of its citizens.
This includes adopting ultimate technologies and developing high quality programs that respect sustainability, safety and productivity enhancements. The concept of Smart City is strictly related to the idea of the Smart Mobility. 

In fact, as part of the development of a Smart City, it is fundamental to undertake smart measures to improve the transports efficiency. It is important for a city that aims to be smart, to improve the transports’ network to assure safety, time efficiency and organization. With the increase of the globalization levels, the transports’ management has become a more complex issue. More people mean more traffic that, consequently, are translated in the need for more infrastructures and organization.

Three are the pillars on which the most successful Smart Mobility strategies are based: Sustainability, Safety and Smartness. Together, these constitute the foundation for the development of an efficient transports’ system. Smart Mobility initiatives refer not only to the public transports but also to airports and railways. The whole transport system should improve its performances to create a well-connected network of infrastructures that allow people to use transports easily, without delays and risks.


Sustainability is a wide concept that refers to the implementation of intelligent measures to reach a long-lasting development. It focuses on different aspects: the respect of environmental friendly initiatives, the wise management of the resources, the improvement of social conditions and the boost of economic efficiency.

In the transports’ sector, the main goal for the next years is to reduce the CO2 emissions and to impulse public transports while limiting the use of personal vehicles. For this reason, many governments are investing on the implementation of a plan to promote the use of electro-mobility and clean energy transports as sustainable alternatives to traditional transports.


Safety refers to the implementation of initiatives to improve the travel experience, reducing the risks related to obsolete vehicles and to the lack of control from the responsible entities. For this reason, the use of technological devices like real-time speed checkers, warning lights or crash cushions has been introduced. Moreover, systems made of cameras, sensors and intelligent devices are becoming fundamental to limit infractions, to reduce congestion and to manage the vehicles’ flow efficiently.  


 Smartness refers to the implementation of initiatives based on intelligent approaches, AI systems and the usage of latest technologic trends. This implies the introduction of measures such as the increase of the service during the peak hours, the improvement of infrastructures to allow people with disabilities to use all the transports, the introduction of online applications and platforms to allow people monitoring the transports’ status and the enhancement of the data collection technologies to obtain the most complete real-time information.


Smart Mobility is a topic strictly related to what the The Voyage Team do. Our solutions and products aim to improve the performances of the transports’ hub and to create a more efficient network. It is a challenge to keep up with the ultimate technologies and innovations to be able to respond promptly to the new emerging needs. For this reason, The Voyage Team have continuously invested in R&D to discover the best ways to support the transport sector to become smarter. We have been collaborating with some of the most important airports in Europe to develop intelligent solutions. Among them, the Journey Planner must be mentioned.

The idea behind The Voyage Team’s Journey Planner is to improve the travel experience, helping people to find the best route to get the airport. It is a smart solution that allows to reduce time waste and that reflects the newest technological trends.

Find out more about The Voyage Team’s Journey Planner here.

The path to reach a high performing and smart mobility system is hard and requires big investments on one hand, and collaboration from different parties (government, companies and citizens) on the other hand.

The Voyage Team is ready to face the challenges of the future and to be part of the technological change towards a smarter mobility!

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