PIKSIE: Best chatbot for travel sector

Posted by The Voyage Team on Mar 29, 2019 1:27:21 PM

Our Chatbot

The Chatbots need to be mentioned among the most innovative technological improvements of the last years.

A Chatbot is a software that allows people to have a real-time conversation with a virtual assistant. It is able to communicate in different languages and to respond rapidly to questions and doubts. The Artificial Intelligence is the basis of the Chatbot development. In fact, it makes possible to hold a conversation with a robot and to integrate additional services such as online payments.

Many companies have already adopted Chatbots to increase their efficiency in customer care and to reduce the dissatisfaction rates due to human errors.

The use of this technology is very common also in the travel sector. Many airlines companies, airports, railroad societies and so on are already using the Chatbots’ technology to manage their customers’ requirements. In fact, in a such competitive environment, it is important to keep up with times and improve efficiency.

The Voyage Team has introduced an innovative Chatbot, PIKSIE, to allow companies in the travel sector to improve their performance.

The revolutionary algorithm that lies behind The Voyage Team’s Chatbot has been thought to fit the customers’ needs. For this reason, it can be customised to mirror what the customer wants.

The Voyage Team works hard to maintain high levels of innovation and to satisfy its customers with its bespoke products.

Contact us at info@thevoyageteam.com to know more about our Chatbot.

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