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Posted by The Digital Sense Team on Dec 6, 2018 8:00:10 AM

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More and more businesses underline their Digital Transformation as competitive advantage on the market, but what do they mean by Digital Transformation?

Digital Transformation deals with simplifying the entire structure and processes of a company to focus more on the strategic tasks and splitting resources according to the digital strategy. As the world goes more and more digital, companies evolving on the Telecoms market support their customers through the digital revolution by proposing applications, services and platforms.

All stakeholders are included on the synergies provoked by the digital transformation to help the Management to build long-term strategy in order to overcome all gaps between the company, stakeholders and the market. Then, the Digital Transformation aims at supporting technological innovation through the corporate tools and structure, as for instance, the use of the cloud for administrative departments.

This burning issue must be considered by companies to survive on the markets as making many revenues ($1.7 trillion worldwide, 42% from 2017). Most managers might think there is only one unique way of be turning the company into digital but it is wrong: each company has its own digital transformation, in which managers pick up specific elements based on their customers’ habits, the market and their own corporate structure.


First, all the current teams must be ready to face this new digital challenge, by upgrading their knowledge, communicating with the top managers to share their feedback about the different projects on which they have been evolving (skills, innovation, open-mindness). Then, teams may be used to collaborate between them to be more efficient while working on the same central systems.

Most users will say technology is the key element for successful digital transformation, but reality is different: technology is one of the elements allowing organizations to be digital. Just need to add technology to customers, leadership and people on the internal organization and the virtual market.

  • Technology allows teams to be more performant thanks to the intensive use of analytics-oriented tools focusing on the users’ behaviors to disrupt the market. The strong leadership from teams will increase the Digital Maturity of the entity.

Digital Transformation drives the innovation and the change inside the company. How will be this digital process? The Human Resources department is more strategic, dealing with analytic tasks to stand with the R&D process and the resources required (mobile or fixed). Corporate way of working is determined via software like Agile, which are global spread, making integration easy to manage.

  • Corporate performance: grouping the production and services will impact the efficiency and the operations inside the company to reduce costs.

There is an urgent need to impact the customer behavior by collecting the habits and information through the investment in performant analytics tools. Monitoring this activity will be simplified as well implementing other activities like answering messages, implementing internal crowdfunding impacting the internal performance and the customer relationship and building up communities sharing contents on multichannel.

Purchases habits have been evolving since more and more stakeholders are eager to pay per content (charges depending on their interests, “One click one service” allows to manage the quantity of the information).

At worker levels, virtual networks make the daily routine more flexible to manage, allowing employees to be performant depending on their singular conditions and to easily collaborate with all departments (no personal desks). Better synergies on the organization while impacting the geographical areas on which the business is implemented.

Therefore, managers must not turn all activities into digital elements: only complementary digital advantages for physical elements and do not forget to group all actors in the new business dynamics. Indeed, global shared services for all services propose local activities and the feedback to the global managers is easier to understand the employees’ position to support them.

The term of Internet of Things will impact the corporate activities as well since the 5G will be adopted by all stakeholders for a digital-oriented society. Everyone will be challenging to make a better organization.

  • Operations agility: being able to adapt to the structure is essential for guarantying an excellent UX and UI to all users. Your company should always be business-oriented while developing on different markets and daily implement changes. All resources must be monitored and supported through the digital transformation process by proposing training, and “we feeling” activities.

6 months are enough to present the entire process and beginning the customers’ own digital transformation (gain speed essential for being competitive on the market with the upgraded former legacy platform).


-          Present another leadership

-          A new thinking for presenting new business models

-          Digital-oriented assets.

-          Technological structure with human-touch structure.

-          A dynamic organization including efficient employees, customers, suppliers, partners and stakeholders.

Many digital opportunities for all consumers, however, it is truly important preparing the whole structure to the digital challenge by underlying the most important areas of focus.


The digital transformation challenge for Telecoms company is important to reach since their infrastructure supports the most popular services to their customers, however, as explained before, tech giants like Facebook and Netflix launch their services impacting the Telco companies market shares.

The Digital Sense, the Piksel telco-oriented business unit,  drives the digital transformation of the customers through the Digital Experience Layer (D.E.L) building up systems and maintaining legacy systems until the implementation of the brand new structure. Working on the Agile methodology, our D.E.L solution produces personalized contents on all channels, mixes digital-oriented strategy for physical stores. Our system is customer-centric since users are the core elements for successful businesses.

The main results will be: cost reduction, efficiency of call centers teams, continuous understanding of the customers to propose services and applications matching their expectations. Flexible use and secured platforms to guarantee the protection of user data from cyberattacks. Define and plan your new IT structures with us, to support you through the digital transformation.

Our teams are used of working on projects available on different supports, technologies, and markets.


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