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Piksel prides itself as an investor in people and the continuous development and nurturing of talent.
The people-orientated culture that Piksel has developed over the years, focuses on support and improvement of individuals. As a result, this benefits the teams and their overall performance and well-being. Piksel is always open to introducing training initiatives that support young talent.

The most recent initiative has been driven by the Milan office; a project in collaboration with three high schools based in Milan with the purpose of introducing real-world work experience as an extension to the existing school curriculum. This approach to education helps consolidate the knowledge acquired at school with practical real-world experience. It is an enjoyable and productive learning approach that allows students to experience the work environment through interactive and captivating activities.

The Project

Four students from The ITIS Salesiani School, The Molinari High School and the Cannizzaro High School took part in this initiative during June 2019. Each student was assigned a module, with the four combined modules completing the project and the Java-based computer game which resulted from the students’ work could not fail to impress. The project has been realized thanks to the support of four tutors. Their role has been crucial because they supported the students in every step, from the set up to the development of the project. In particular, the project consisted onthe implementation of the "Naval Battle" game in the version single player VS computer.The students used IntelliJIDEA as IDE and the java.awt and java.swing libraries for the development. At the beginning of the activity, the tutors presented the project specifications to the students, giving them a brief presentation of GIT, aversion control system, which they used to share the code. They also used Github as remote repository and its ticket management board. Each day was divided into three moments. In the morning, they set the activities. Then, in the afternoon, all the tutors attended a “Stand Up meeting” in order to check the progresses of the project. Finally, at the end of the working day, they verified the work done and the final results.

What was learnt?

“We believe that this type of project work is a great way to introduce students to the work environment and of providing an understanding as to the challenges they will face. Personally, I am very satisfied with their commitment. The final result was really satisfying and it was motivating to collaborate with young talented and interested students that were keen to learn ”

Noemi Santamaria, Developer at Piksel

It was a great opportunity to test the attitudes of students, to enrich their education and to guide their study and direction. Piksel is proud and privileged for the opportunity to be involved in such initiatives.

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