FIDS: Flight Information Display System

Posted by The Voyage Team on Apr 15, 2019 1:30:13 PM

Traditional FIDS

Traditional Flight Information Display Systems, FIDS, use dedicated display screens in airports to provide passengers with relevant, up to date flight information.

The information provided usually includes airline, flight number, gate and departure/arrival time.

The FIDS often use location context, only showing data about flights in a specific terminal or showing check-in zones pre-security and gate numbers after security.

The FIDS system is crucial to improve the journey experience for passengers. Indeed, this service provides all the information needed in a clear and rapid way. The FIDS optimise the information flow by providing the right content, in the right place, at right time.

Whilst being a critical part of airport infrastructure, the traditional FIDS are not very flexible especially in modern airports. They usually don’t allow for the display of other content such as advertising, weather updates, way-finding and crisis communications. This lack constitutes an important starting point to explore new opportunities related to this solutions.

The Voyage Team FIDS

The Voyage Team aims to transform journeys through technology and has designed its own FIDS to meet modern airport demands. Based on the Piksel Group’s popular Digital Signage product, this new flexible FIDS solution allows the display of Flight Information alongside other content like advertising, videos, social media, newsfeeds or relevant crisis/airport information.

In this way, airports will be able to maximise benefit for a variety of activities and businesses. This solution becomes not only journey support for passengers, but also a marketing and communication channel for airport news and advertising.

Therefore, to summarise, the benefits include:

  • Full configuration and high flexibility;
  • Single solution to meet a multitude of use-cases;
  • Efficiency and centralisation;
  • Costs and time-wasting reduction.

The Voyage Team demonstrated its FIDS at the Passenger Terminal Expo in London in March 2019. A still from this demonstration is shown below.

Discover how to take advantage of this system to increase the efficiency and the profitability of your airport.

Contact us at to receive more information on our Product.

FIDS: Flight Information Display System

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