Digital Signage in Airports: when technology enhances communication for a better travel experience.

Posted by The Voyage Team on Nov 7, 2019 11:15:12 AM

The changing needs arising from the development of Smart Technologies and the introduction of the Internet-of-things are leading to a completely new way of considering even the simplest things. As a consequence, people’s expectations on technological progresses are growing. This is leading to a general push of technological improvements towards a better and more efficient world.

In this context made of digital innovations, the Digital Signage solution is rooting in different environments. Static signage is not enough anymore because people are constantly feed with thousands of information and inputs, so to be distinctive is crucial to be noticed

For this reason, it is becoming fundamental to draw people attention with dynamic and technologically advanced ways of communicating information. 

In short, Digital Signage is an innovative technology that allows to show customised contents through a network of screens located in a specific environment. They can show logistic information alongside with advertising content, weather information or news.

Digital Signage is a great opportunity to grow people engagement and to communicate easily and efficiently. 

This pressure towards digitalisation and the growing people’s pretentions are encouraging airports from all over the world to invest on solutions that aim to improve the travel experience, making it quicker and easier. 

In the light of the advantages deriving from Digital Signage, many airports decided to make this solution as an integral part of their modernisation process, since it is considered a core solution to improve the passengers’ quality perception.

Therefore, airports are experiencing a growing interest on this kind of solutions to improve the passengers’ journey experience. The aim is to arouse passengers’ interest while providing useful information to make the wayfinding signals more intuitive through their integration with other impactful contents. 

The improvements made in this field are tremendous, in fact this solution has become a full digital communication mean. It can be integrated with intelligent systems that can show specific content according to the person that is looking at it. Artificial Intelligence, facial recognition and smart systems are making Digital Signage a personalised experience.

It can now deliver content in different languages to be understandable by people from different cultures and countries. Moreover, it can be employed to collect information on passengers, thanks to the modern tools that allow the analysis of passengers’ behaviour. 

The utility of Digital Signage in airports reflects also in the better management of traffic flows. The directional signage is useful because it easily shows where exits, gates, and other places of interest are located. Signage within airport is crucial because it constitutes the main mean through which people can move freely in the different areas. The Digital Signage dynamic information screens can be located in every part of the airport, from the car parks to the shopping areas inside the airport. 

The impact of these new communication means on the quality of the customer service is significant and it leads to improved communication results and better messaging. The reason that lays behind its success is its focus on shaking people's emotions and attract their attention with the use of emotional and interesting contents that are in line with the passengers’ requirements and that provide information together with key messages.

It is crucial for airports to focus on passengers’ satisfaction and on delivering the best customers’ services possible. Digital Signage can be employed to enhance passengers’ flows, to make the navigation within the airport more efficient and to drive interesting and customised content for each passenger. This, of course, will provide a return in terms of reputation, quality and revenues. 

Piksel, with its own Digital Signage technology, has worked to adapt this platform to the FIDS, Flight Information Display System, in order to satisfy the growing needs of airports to be furnished with dynamic screens that increase the levels of engagement of passengers and that improve the quality of the services provided by the airport itself. 

Discover more about our bespoke iFIDS developed through our Digital Signage technology on our website.

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