Cloud Technology for Airports

Posted by The Voyage Team on Apr 8, 2020 10:51:45 AM

How can cloud technology help airports?

The introduction of cloud technologies may constitute a turning point for airports that aim to optimise their operations and improve their performance.
Nevertheless, this innovative technology still suffers fromsome misconceptions that limit and slow its adoption. In fact, many airports tend to be conservative and prefer to have all their data and information stored locally within their own servers and datacentres, to limit the risk of external threats.
There are many doubts regarding the adoption of cloud technologies and security concerns are the biggest limit to their spread.
For this reason, it would be necessary to be clear regarding the benefits that the cloud would bring to airport. Cloud technologies are provided with firewall, security codes and all the most modern security measures to assure the complete protection of data. This makes them as safe as a datacentre but, at the same time, they assure huge improvements in terms of efficiency, costs optimisation, sustainability and passenger satisfaction.


Four benefits of cloud technology

Efficient operations and performances: Cloud technologies enable airports to take advantage of important features that simplify many operations and assure better results in terms of time management and outcomes. For example, the cloud can allow the data exchange between airport and airlines with the aim of improving the management of the departing flights, optimising times for fuelling operations and assuring on-time departures. The cloud systems can also be employed to improve the management of check-in operations or online payments, making them easier and faster. Moreover, when an unexpected event occurs, it is possible to employ 4G connections to restore everything and follow up with the normal operations, assuring continuity of performances.

Costs reduction and optimisation: Moving to the cloud constitutes a significant driver for cost optimisation. In fact, the cloud eliminates the need for servers or datacentres, that usually involve big expenses to be installed and maintained.  With the cloud, there is no need to replace any hardware over time and it is useful to avoid the risks linked to break down or installation costs.

Improved sustainability commitment:  Due to the efficiencies of scale, moving to the cloud reduces the quantity of energy and electricity that an airport needs to maintain its online presence in a significant percentage. In the long term, this would have a huge environmental impact, because of the lower use of energy brings lower emissions and pollution. Therefore, moving to the cloud is also a big commitment of the airport towards sustainable measures to safeguard the environment.

Better services for passengers: The employment of cloud technologies has positive impacts also on the passengers’ satisfaction levels. In fact, the cloud systems help to reduce waiting times and simplify many processes such as the baggage drop and the check-in operations. Moreover, thanks to the new technologies, it is also possible to create innovative services that make the passenger journey easier and allow them to enjoy a more relaxed experience within the airport through, for example, personalised information on their smartphones.

What can we do for you?

The Voyage Team, a Piksel Group company, are specialist in driving digital innovation within airports. Our experience in cloud technology can help you, providing the right service you need. We are AMAZON AWS and MICROSOFT AZURE certified, so we can help you move to the cloud to let you experience all the benefits of a cloud infrastructure.

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