Airports’ technological trends for 2020

Posted by The Voyage Team on Jan 3, 2020 11:03:43 AM

What innovations should we expect?

The increasing expectations and needs of passengers are forcing airports to push their technological growth. They are becoming a complete travel and communication hub for the movement of goods and people. This is causing them to invest more and more on innovations and technology. Airports need to keep up with the times, be forward-looking and improve the quality of the services they offer. They also have great demands on them regarding the issues related to sustainability and the environment.

The Voyage Team believes that airports need to satisfy all traveler’s expectations, making the stay at the airport a 360-degree experience. This implies huge continued investment on cutting-edge technological solutions. We have already seen the enormous progress made in the field of biometrics, the internet of things and artificial intelligence which have already made improvements in the services offered at the airport.

We think airports want travelers to enjoy the experience of the airport as the starting point for their holiday or trip and not as a stressful obstacle to overcome. The main innovations are likely, therefore, to be looking at queue lengths for check-in, quicker security, reduced dependency on paper documents. The continued digitalization of airports will be aimed at making airports a much better customer environment.

Where are airports investing the most?

The main areas where airports
are investing are as follows:


Cloud Technology is one of the biggest innovations in recent years allowing
airports to take advantage of a more efficient and faster systems’ deployment.


Biometric Technology is facilitating the reduction of paper boarding passes and IDs. Facial recognition is a crucial sector of investment for airports
because it makes  boarding operations easier and faster. Moreover, it plays an important role in the improvement of the levels of security. Apart from this field of usage, biometrics is also employed for other purposes such as, for example, payments in airports’ duty free.


IoT - Internet of Things - helps to connect things to make every aspect of the
airport an interactive and easy-to-use solution. The usage of IoT may lead
airports towards operational efficiency, bigger revenues and strategic
differentiation. For example, the IoT is being introduced into many diverse
areas such as smart bathrooms, building management for heating, lighting and
air-conditioning, smart electric systems or smart vehicles that move
autonomously across the airport. Moreover, the IoT can be useful in the
introduction of systems that help to control passengers’ behavior and preferences.


Off-Airport Baggage drag and drop is aimed at helping passengers to eliminate the problem of their baggage transportation by offering for it to be “dragged” from their starting point (home, hotel...) and “dropped” directly at their final destination.


Sustainability is one of the hottest topics because the problems linked to CO2 emissions and their environmental impacts are becoming a core concern in our society. Development of full electric aircraft are ongoing along with the design of more carbon efficient terminals and the use of electric vehicles around those terminals. The journey towards a completely smart and efficient airport will be a long one, but the expectations for 2020 are very high.


Your digital transformation with The Voyage Team

The Voyage Team, with over 15 years of experience in the airport sector, is working continuously to support its customers in their digital innovation. We expect 2020 to be a year full of new opportunities and learning. Thanks to our wide range of products and services, airports will be enabled to improve their revenues while assuring the best travel experience for their passengers.


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